Best Internet Service Providers Right Now

The internet is one of those things we take for granted — until it doesn’t work. The last thing you want to do when you’re just about to start streaming your favorite Netflix show is spend hours troubleshooting a connection problem or sit on hold with customer support. That’s why it really does pay to pick the right internet provider for your neighborhood. Not sure which ISP to pick? We’ve listed the best options below.


AT&T is one of the biggest names in the business — and for a good reason. Though its connection types vary — AT&T offers DSL, fixed wireless, and fiber optic internet to over 24% of Americans — they’re all available without any contracts or data caps. AT&T’s fiber plans have the best value, with the average cost per Mbps coming out to just 10 cents, even including your equipment rental fee. Additionally, AT&T scored highest in customer satisfaction from both the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power. Your speeds may vary depending on your location, so use a zip code tool to check the availability of AT&T’s fiber internet at your address.

Charter Spectrum

You can’t totally avoid the surprise of a higher-than-expected bill when you sign up for internet service. But there are providers out there that seem to be doing their best to make it happen as often as possible, which is why we recommend Spectrum. The provider’s lack of a data cap, decent speeds, and reasonable prices are all big pluses. They don’t run any gimmicky deals that come with so many fine print qualifiers that they become worthless, and they won’t force you into a contract unless you need one to get their lowest price. And the fact that their prices and their speeds are both high and low enough to match your usage requirements is great.

Rise Broadband

Living in the country can have its advantages, but it’s not so idyllic when you need to get online. While your friend who lives in the city probably has access to several ISPs, your options are much more limited, and Rise Broadband is one of the best choices. It offers fixed-wireless service in 17 states, and the service is generally fast and reliable, although it could stand to improve customer service.