How to Take Care of Your Pet

Just got a pet? Congratulations! Whether it’s a furry friend, fish, or feathered family member, we want to ensure that your experience with them is fun and easy. Follow these steps to provide the right kind of care for your furry family member.

Feed Your Pet the Healthiest Food You Can Afford

It’s important to consider what your pet needs to stay healthy. Your pet is unique, and you want to buy pet food that is formulated to suit a specific age or lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for wet food, dry food, or organic food, make sure to check with your vet to determine which food brands are best.

Make Sure Your Pet Can Access Clean Drinking Water

As new pet parents, we want to make sure our four-legged friends are always happy and healthy. So, always keep a clean bowl of fresh water out for your pet to drink from multiple times a day. By doing this, you can be sure these incredible creatures are receiving the proper hydration they need to survive!

Keep Them Indoors

Depending on your pet’s individual preferences, they might enjoy spending some time outdoors every day. Whether you have a cat or dog—or both—the safest way to allow your pet to access the outdoors is by offering them fun and interesting things to do in an enclosed area like a fenced yard, deck, balcony, or screened-in porch. If you decide that it is safe for your cat to go outside, keep them indoors for at least a one-month period and preferably for up to four months, so they get accustomed to their new home and remember where it is located.

Take Them to The Vet

Our pets are an extremely important part of our family, so when they are not feeling well, it is a stressful time for everyone. Most veterinary clinics offer wellness check-ups and vaccines to keep our pets in top shape. It can also be helpful to have a plan for whenever your pet gets sick or is injured. As with humans, the sooner a pet is treated, the better its chance of recovery.