Smart Tips to Save Big on Car Insurance

Car insurance protects your vehicle – not to mention you and other passengers – when you’re on the road. But as useful as it can be, it also costs a lot. The good news is that there are tons of ways to save money on car insurance. Below, you’ll find some tried-and-tested tips and tricks to bring down the cost of your auto insurance plan. Read on.

Ask for A Discount

If you want a lower premium, ask for one. Auto insurance companies offer tons of discounts, and you likely qualify for a few of them, too. You can get discounts for being affiliated with groups like the AAA, working in the military, having above-average grades if you are a student, being a senior citizen, or having anti-theft devices in your car. The thing is, companies don’t advertise their discounts. But you can still ask them if you are eligible for any discounts they offer.

Shop Around

You are not wed to your auto insurance plan. What we mean by this is if you don’t like the premium your current insurer charges, you should shop around for a better plan. Some people don’t bother shopping around for more affordable auto insurance because they think it’s a waste of time. But given that you will be paying for your policy as long as you have a car, the savings can be substantial. If you’re not certain how to compare plans and what factors to check, work with an independent insurance broker or agent who will do the groundwork for you and suggest which plan to purchase.

Review Your Coverage

You may have opted for gap insurance or a few different optional add-ons when you purchased your policy, and this coverage may have been essential when your car was new. But if your car is now a few years old, take a hard look at your policy and determine if you can drop some coverage. For instance, if your car is ten years old, it doesn’t make sense to still pay for comprehensive and collision coverage. In this case, buying a more basic plan can help you save money.