4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Flea-Free

In many parts of the country, flea and tick season is now a year-round occurrence. These pests, while tiny, can cause serious problems for your pup, like skin damage and severe itching. It doesn’t help that they are so hard to get rid of, given that they can hide just about anywhere. Below, we’ve put together a list of easy tips to help you keep your dog and home free of pesky fleas. Read on.

Check Your Dog’s Fur and Skin

Itching and fleas go hand-in-hand. But don’t wait until you see your pooch scratching to check for ticks and fleas. Make sure to run a flea comb through their coat regularly to spot fleas early. If you find that your furry friend already has fleas on their body, you should try to eliminate the parasites immediately. You can do this by bathing them with a flea and tick shampoo. If you think your dog has a tick-borne illness, take them to the vet as soon as you can.

Vacuum and Clean Your Carpets

Fleas are most common in the summer. So, make sure to steam-clean your carpets before the start of the season. It may be a little expensive, but given how much it can save you in vet bills, it might be worth the cost. Further, it’s a good idea to vacuum your house, and the carpets, in particular, at least once a week. The vacuum will suck up all the live fleas that may be nesting in your house.

Put a Flea Collar in Your Vacuum

If you’re not disposing of the content of your vacuum immediately, make sure to put a flea collar in the container that holds all the dust. Flea collars can repel insects and limit the chances of an infestation. Keep in mind that some dog flea collars have essential oils and other substances that are toxic to felines. So, if you have cats at home, make sure to buy an appropriate flea collar.

Wash Your Pet’s Bedding

Launder your pet’s toys and bedding in hot, soapy water every week. Just like vacuuming, this will interrupt the fleas’ life cycle and stop them from spreading.